The Buzz on siliconmom

Interview with Pam Cook, Silicon Valley Business Program

Interview with Pam Cook, Silicon Valley Business Program




From Silicon Valley CEOs


“Alison is a rock star, she has a magnetic personality…she captured the essence of my style as a CEO better than I could have in a short biography… and has a perfect radio voice to go with it all.” Jason Donahue, CEO ClearApp Inc., Mountain View


“Her interview style was one of the best I have been subject to. She made me feel very comfortable and was able to get me to speak very freely and openly about many things, including very personal and sensitive feelings. After the interview, I remember asking myself, did she ask me any questions? because the interview flowed so well, it was more like a conversation than an interview. I could easily have spoken to her for hours, it was both entertaining and I came away learning more about myself.” Frank Addante, CEO The Rubicon Project



From the media

“Alison van Diggelen has a knack for offering insight into the intellectual and often inane events of our lives. Whether confronting political issues with a biting satire, or attacking the absurdities in the day to day lives of parents everywhere, you are certain to walk away with food for thought and laughter to boot.” Linda Sharp, author of “Stretchmarks on my Sanity”, and Editor of


 “Siliconmom: You were our first winner. One of the things I look for is a well designed site that demonstrates authority on the subject matter.” Scott Bromfield, Directory/Community Producer, Site of the Week Award, August, 2000; Site of the Year nominee, December, 2000.


 “As Alison van Diggelen knows, the internet also brings moms together. She runs her website, siliconmom dot com, from San Jose . It offers everything from news to personal essays. …” Silicon Valley Business Program,  ACTION 36 TV Transcript


“It is certainly an excellent set of pages.” Scottie, Editor of the Scottish Culture Guide at


“Plenty of people talk about the wonderful job stay-at-home moms do, but let’s face it: They just don’t get much respect. Van Diggelen has built a place to commiserate about postpartum stomachs, organizing chaotic lives and balancing high-tech lives with home lives.” Mike Cassidy, Silicon Valley Magazine.


From the moms and dads:


“Your insights are dead on the mark…I’m turning onto your website all my younger mother friends, including my daughters-in-law.” Francia Stephens, English literature teacher, Almaden, California.

“I wish there had been such a facility when I went through hard times as a mother.” Beatrice Page, Dalry, Scotland.

“I followed your column religiously for years,” Diane Cohn, Reno.

“What a wealth of great information you have there!” Jolinda Pizzirani, Author of “What’s a mother to do?” San Jose, California

“I identified with every word.” Zonda Holloway, Fremont.

“I’m increasingly impressed by your website. I just spent a good 45 minutes clicking and reading-more time than I usually spend at Lots of great writing.” Eric Sheldon, England.

“I found this site very affirming and will surely bring many of us out of the woodwork. Thanks much for providing this well-needed forum


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