May 1, 2008

Maria Shriver inspires the moms

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Maria Shriver with siliconmom in Palo Alto CA On Tue evening, Maria Shriver was in town to promote her new book: Just Who Will You Be? and I was lucky enough to be invited to a private reception in Palo Alto.

I had several burning questions for her, but was most intrigued to explore the theme of losing your sense of self when you get married and have children. She had some great advice for women who’re married to high achieving husbands (the majority of us in Silicon Valley). She encourages us to ask each day: what am I going to do with my one WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE? And points out that most men have no problem with finding their calling and going for it…

Here’s an extract of the interview I recorded:

 Siliconmom interview with Maria Shriver

I was most impressed with Maria’s grace. Despite her stunning appearance, she comes over as “just another mom”: no fancy airs, no superiority – despite the secret service guy hovering around; and she has seemingly endless energy to chat (indulged me as I asked about the dire state of California’s schools -high on Arnie’s priority list she assures me- and breaking the poverty cycle). Maria was completely honest about the challenges of having career and family (On having to quit her high profile TV job in NY/DC: “I hate hate hated that”) and described exactly the same conflicts we all face attending evening events and finding time for yourself. Maria even admitted to hiding in her closet the night before just to do some centering and meditation before dinner…though I imagine her closet is about the size of our master bedrooms in Silicon Valley!

Many thanks to Jill, Beth and Tekla of The Silicon Valley mom bloggers group for organizing this event.


April 22, 2008

Earth Baby

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Last week, I was thrilled to be invited to KQED’s San Fransisco studio by Mark Trautwein  to record a piece I’d written about my Earth Baby. My daughter was born on Earth Day, and every year it has me thinking more deeply about the significance of that day AND worrying what the future holds, given global warming and all its ramifications around the world. But I also have to work hard to focus on my daughter’s birthday celebrations and not get caught up in my usual guilt trip about not living more greenly.

If you’d like to listen to the Perspective about Earth babies pulling together for change, click here

April 18, 2008

Radio opportunities in Silicon Valley

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Hello and welcome to the siliconmom radio page

Here you’ll find information about taking part in two local radio shows. Click on the links below to find out more about these excellent opportunities.

Needing inspiration? You can hear some siliconmom commentaries from NPR’s KQED in San Francisco or read from KLIV’s archives.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to write to me: alison (at) siliconmom (dot) com

Cheers Alison


Want to take part in NPR’s KQED Perspective Series?

Click on this link to find out how

Want to take part in 1590 KLIV radio’s commentary series?

Click on this link to find out more about KLIV

KLIV accepts non commercial commentaries of 75 seconds in length (max 200 words) Inquire with Bob Kieve: Kieve (at) empirebroadcasting (dot) com


April 16, 2008

Radio commentaries

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Siliconmom Archives from NPR’s KQED radio

Click on this link to hear one of my favorite commentaries

Click on this link to read a favorite baseball commentary

Click on this link to read a favorite commentary about freedom to travel 

April 10, 2008

Needing some radio commentary inspiration?

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Here are some Siliconmom Archives from 1590 KLIV radio commentaries. If you feel inspired to share your views with a big Silicon Valley audience, this is a great place. They don’t pay, but it’s good experience.

Click on this link to read archives from siliconmom: Freedom to speak out

Click on this link to read archives from siliconmom: Recall

Click on this link to read archives from Bob Kieve