March 15, 2008

Five quick green steps

Posted in green living at 8:22 pm by siliconmom

OK, so you’re insanely busy, you want to do something about global warming, but there’s never enough time and anyway it all costs tons of money…
Not true!

Here are some quick green tips that don’t cost a cent and can be good to your bank balance too!

1. Turn your home thermostat down a notch (this will reduce your carbon footprint AND save you money!)

2. Put on a sweater or slippers if the house feels chilly (this is my favorite – it feels cosy and eco-cool at the same time)

3. Turn off lights when you’re not in the room and get your kids to help too (make it a game!)

4. Wait till you have a full load before running the dishwasher or clothes washer

5. Stick to your shopping list: buying less and updating your electronic gismos/ car/ wardrobe/ kids’ toys less frequently has the most direct impact on the earth’s resources.

It’s really that easy. Taking baby steps is a great way to begin.

Good luck!

Cheers Alison van Diggelen

ps coming soon: green tips that make a big difference for $20 or less.


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